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FCA are a highly experienced and award winning team of design consultants, based in London and Wiltshire. We offer clients a personalised, director led service characterised by 3 key principles: commercial intelligence, persuasive creativity and technical excellence.


Corporate communication

A thorough understanding of the target audience and the markets in which they exist, is key in facilitating our teams to create visually articulate and compelling material that focuses the onlookers attention to the crucial messages and 'calls to action' statements.


Brand development

A brand is often one of the most valuable assets of a company or organisation and yet they seldom appear on a balance sheet. They also typically receive less investment and maintenance than other major assets. Our role is to help you create, nurture and reinforce your brands.


Industrial design

Like many areas of design, the formulation of a successful solution is a product of detailed research and an immersion into all the influential factors, that, allied to experience, creativity and technical knowledge will lead to a profitable outcome.

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