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    smart butter  

Kerry Foods Ltd

The creation of a major brand position for a healthier profile spread.

FCA were responsible for the generation of concept designs, refinements, testing prototypes and production artwork.

Produced as 'Standard' and 'Light' variations.



Kerry Foods Ltd

Creation of identity for ‘Buttery’ spread positioned within range of Kerrymaid branded products.

    Tesco butter me up  

Kerry Foods Ltd

Design concepts for ‘brand refresh’ for Tesco product.

    Tesco advert  

Kerry Foods Ltd

Promotional concepts and advertising of Tesco products.

    somerfield butter tubs  

Kerry Foods Ltd

Range development of coordinated packaging for spreads products for Somerfield Stores.

    Warburtons shipper  

Kerry Foods Ltd

Creation of artwork for ‘shipper’ units used for in-store promotions.

    Freshfields-Cheese party pack  

Kerry Foods Ltd

Development of promotional product packaging and in-store point of sale.

    freshfields cheese  

Kerry Foods Ltd

Development of seasonal promotional cheese packaging.

    butter tubs  

Kerry Foods Ltd

FCA has considerable experience in the branding of private label products particularly in the dairy sector where creativity combined with technical knowledge of the specialist print techniques has led to the development of successful brands.

    kerry exhibition  

Kerry Foods
Exhibition stand

Design and artwork for the corporate stand at a European food manufacturing event in Holland. Product support literature created for use at this event.

    model making  

Prototypes and models

Production of prototypes and modes for sales presentations.

    juicy Jellies  

Juicy Jelly

The origination and brand development of a range of products for the confectionery sector. Initially launched as a set of two, these were quickly followed by an enlarged range of seven.

    Choco Fun  

Choco Fun

Creation of a brand identity and packaging designs for a pan-european range of chocolate based, confectionery treats. The branding and graphics being applied to a wide spectrum of bags, wraps, pouches and boxes.

    Tracklements range  


The design team worked very closely with the manufacturer of this highly traditional range of food products to produce effective branding and packaging whilst retaining its hand-made identity and heritage.

    Tracklements Adverts  

Tracklements Advertising

The production of specialist trade advertising, targeted to support the company's extensive product range.

    Hot Tin Roof  

M S George Limited

The creation of a new brand and the development of pack graphics and support materials for a new Dry Shampoo product. Launched into the UK market in 2010.

    Jewel range  

M S George Limited

Brand refresh for range of cleaning and deodorising products. The development of pack graphics and production artworks. Launched into the UK market in 2012.

    Just Cook  

Ensors - Just Cook

The development of a retail sub-brand for a specialist meat producer and pack designs and artwork for a range of individual recipe products.

    Pears Soap  

Pears Soap

Promotional pack design to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the launch of Pears Soap. The box features the original Pears promotional poster painted by Sir John Everett Millais in 1885.

    Water Adverts  

Beverage Market

Specialist design advertising for the water trade.

    The Big O olives  

The Big-O Company

A wide range of design concepts were developed and tested in the process of creating a distinctive brand position for this innovative range of flavoured olives. The range was successfully launched into the Pub and Wine Bar market.

    Brooke Bond Tea  

Unilever Ltd

The design and brand development of a range of instant coffee products for Brooke Bond. Produced in India for the European market.



Beverage Market

Specialist design and branding for the wine trade.